The Face of Evil

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The Face of Evil

Evil is pervasive and alive in the world, we see it every day in many ways, so we know there is no escaping it. We also have many historical documents that detail past evil, ensuring that we NEVER forget the atrocities that were committed against humanity. We are called to stay diligent about these truths, however horrendous they might be, lest history repeats itself.

The Holy Bible is one such book that chronicles the lives of people who were filled with evil intent, but it also details those who were godly, dedicated people as well. Like these heroes of old, we too should expose the evil doers, because to cover it up or act like it doesn’t exist only perpetuates the continuance of evil.

We would do well to not repeat the atrocities that were perpetrated in World War II by the Nazis. The systematic and methodical murder of 6 million Jews and anyone else that they deemed in the way or undesirable. Even to this day there are people who insist that the holocaust never happened, persisting in their efforts to perpetuate lies.

History is what it is, so let’s not cover it up, but let us expose the truths contained in stories, whether they be spectacularly brilliant or of the darkest evil that mankind has ever faced. We not only celebrate the greatness of man, but we remind each other of the ever present face of evil in each new generation. Through these revelations of truth we begin to grow exponentially, trained to recognize the true face of evil.

Since we have been gifted with the keen knowledge that has been passed down from previous generations, let us discern motives and actions with detailed attentiveness. If you or your family has been caused harm by evil, I pray that God’s blessings may be poured out on you with much comfort, mercy and compassion.

The truth is, if we have experienced some personal trauma in our life, it can often be extremely difficult for us to be willing to forgive. Harboring hate in our hearts only keeps us chained to the trauma of the past and allows the bitterness that we have toward our oppressor to gain new ground. In the end, our wounds become even more painful, while the offender lives their lives seemingly unscathed.

If you’re done with seeking revenge and are honestly searching for a way out of your emotional prison, then release those who have harmed you. For us to be truly free from the pain, we must let go of our hate toward our enemies, forgiving them and moving forward in new found victories. I pray that God’s favor continues to bless you with His love, mercy and grace.

Scripture: But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. ~ 2 Thessalonians 3:3

God bless,

Donna Kafer
Arizona Legislative Chaplain

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